This post is regarding one GEN X’s opinion on GEN Y. I believe its an import message and needs to be out there so please retweet, share, or however to get the message out.

A lot of the issues good and bad with millennia’s our generation (Gen X) must take responsibility for and try to change things as best as we can. The fact of the matter is our Generation (Gen X) saw how hard generations before us worked just to sometimes barely get by. Most people in generations prior to mine worked very hard most of their lives to become successful at an old age. The idea of this was pretty rough to watch because it affected their overall happiness i.e. family, health, spirituality etc. We wanted to make things easier and we did through technology; however, we unleashed a beast that just got out of control.

This has happened to generations prior to us as well. Lets go all the way back to the late 1800’s early 1900’s .”The lost generation” changed the world with the Industrial revolution by improving efficiency of water power, the increasing use of steam power, the development of machine tools and the rise of the factory system. Well in the long run it got out of control and pollution and other negative things affect us to this day. This is the same sort of issue that my generation created with technology. Many good things have come from the technological revolution along with bad things. It is our job to now put a governor on this rocket ship of instant gratification, complete reliance to phones/computers/tablets and entitlement without hard work.

I would be a complete hypocrite if I said I don’t like social media, the cool gadgets that make our lives easier, Netflix, money, and the instant information the internet provides. Even to this day at the age of 40 I have to remind myself daily to focus more on my Mind, Body, and Spirit. Within that last statement lies the solution to the problem. We must learn on regular basis to focus daily on our MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT more. This is using these modern tools to our advantage to make things better and not worse. For example, my son and I went to Bass Pro Shop and just walked around and talked. Did we buy some cool gadgets, Yes but these gadgets will be used for camping, fishing, hiking, etc. One day soon we are going to go defy gravity at I fly. Was this possible 20 years ago for the regular JOE? I don’t think so but it’s fun . I find positive quotes or scriptures instantly online and try to apply them to my life.

My point is within the belly of the beast (I know a lot of metaphors) are things we can use on a regular basis to improve our Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is really just a matter of learning how to balance HARD work, and Total Reliance (not addiction as stated in the video) to technology by keeping these things in moderation and using them as tools to have fun, gain knowledge, and still make money. Easier said than done for sure but I along with a lot of people in our generation are trying to now learn and preach this. Hopefully it’s not too late.

To sum it up in this rushed through probably very grammatically incorrect post it’s really all about finding and using the good from things that can be bad. MODERATION/BALANCE!! My plan for today is go shoot some hoops, go to work,come home and catch up with posts /quotes/scriptures, have some drinks, watch a recorded Hockey game and go to bed. That’s the plan hopefully I will follow through with it and if not I’ll try to get it right tomorrow.

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